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Public Records Act Requests


The Public Records Act (PRA) defines "public records" to include any writing containing information relating to the conduct of the public’s business prepared, owned, used, or retained by any state or local agency regardless of physical form of characteristics.” Printed and photocopied documents, internal and external correspondence, handwritten notes, computer data, electronic files, and audio and video recordings are all public records subject to disclosure unless they fall within a specific exemption. The Public Records Act provides for public access to records the Alameda County Probation Department (ACPD) generates, as well as records created by others that the ACPD has in its possession.
The Public Records Act provides disclosure of existing identifiable records. The ACPD is not required to prepare new records in response to a request, or to compile, synthesize, summarize, or index information or records in a form that does not exist at the time of the request. A requestor seeking electronic data that requires computer programing, compilation, or extraction to produce may be required to pay the cost to construct a record, and the cost of programming and computer services necessary to produce a copy of the record before ACPD will undertake production.

Filing a PRA request

Your request should be specific, focused, and reasonably describe records so that they can be identified, located, and retrieved by ACPD staff.
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Response Time

Ordinarily, ACPD has 10 days to respond in writing to your request. In this written response, ACPD will let you know if records responsive to your request exist, whether any exemptions may apply and when you will be able to review or receive copies of the responsive records. When a request requires review of lots of documents or requires retrieval of documents from other locations, ACPD may in writing unilaterally extend this by up to 14 additional days.

Copying Fees

Upon any request for a copy of any disclosable records, ACPD staff will provide copies of the records to any person after payment of a fee of: $0.10 per page or any document fee provided by statute or ordinance, whichever is applicable, and, if mailed, actual postage charges. Copies will be provided as promptly as practical. Extensive and complex copy requests may take longer to process than simple ones.

A Note to Probation Clients and Those with Client Inquires

Probation clients with questions regarding the status of their probation and those with client inquiries should not use this form to obtain that information and instead are encouraged to contact the department at the number below. For calls made outside of our normal business hours of 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday, please leave a message and your call will be returned the following business day.

• Phone Number: (510) 268-7245

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