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The Alameda County Probation Department prepares and releases population-level data on the clients we serve in support of our Vision 2023 Strategic Plan Goal #4 to be a high-functioning, data-driven organization and our commitment to transparency and information sharing. The data released begins with the second quarter of 2018 and is updated on a quarterly basis thereafter. The public datasets, as well as the dashboards that illustrate them, represent the current status of our agency across the Department’s three divisions: Adult Field Services, Juvenile Field Services, and Juvenile Facilities. Data in the public datasets is individual-level and is deidentified to protect the privacy of our clients. This data is then presented as infographics in dashboards for each of the three divisions of the Department. The data presented includes clients’ supervision type or facility as well as demographic information including age, race, gender, and city of residence.

To access the public datasets, please visit Alameda County’s Open Data, please click here.

To read the latest Alameda County Probation Population Profile, please click here.

To see data dashboards representing the probation populations by quarter, please click here.

For a description and instructions on navigating the dashboards, please click here.

Public Dataset Data Dictionary

To submit a request for Probation data not included in the public datasets, please click here.

For questions about the Department’s Public Data, please email



A Look into Probation Reports



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