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Legal Databases

CCH IntelliConnect

CCH IntelliConnect includes both Federal and California taxes. Federal primary source material are current IRS Code, Federal Tax Regulations, and Federal Tax Cases plus IRS Administrative rulings, Letter Rulings and Memorandum. Secondary content includes U.S. Master Tax Guide and the Standard Federal Income Tax Reporter arranged by IRS Code. Researchers may browse the content or use the Citator to locate cases, rulings, or tax code sections by known citations. Search Options allows searching by phrases, words in the same sentence or paragraph or within a given number of words of each other.

Consumer Law Manuals' Companion Web Site

The Consumer Law Manuals (National Consumer Law Center). Our subscription currently includes one title, Student Loan Law (2015 5th ed.). The National Consumer Law Center companion website contains the appendices of the corresponding book plus much additional material such as forms. To access this additional material inside the library go to, click on "Digital Library", ask the librarian at the reference desk to put in the username and password.


DissoMaster™, a premier support calculation program in California makes it easy to use all the tools needed to evaluate support options and prepare marital dissolution settlements by: calculating guideline net income from gross income; calculating guideline child support; calculating guideline temporary spousal support or user-entered postjudgment support; helping create optional settlements that meet specific goals while providing maximum tax savings; and easily changing entries for income and expenses and altering the program's assumptions to accommodate a variety of individual circumstances. In addition to determining guideline awards, DissoMaster suggests alternate awards that usually decrease the combined tax liability of the payor and the recipient while meeting the goals specified by the person inputting information. When the combined tax liability is decreased, the parties have more income to split. DissoMaster uses income tax schedules to calculate support, rather than withholding tables which only approximate actual taxes. DissoMaster also calculates and integrates federal and state taxes and credits.


FastCase's libraries include primary law from all 50 states, as well as deep federal coverage going back to 1 U.S. 1, 1 F.2d 1, 1 F.Supp. 1, and 1 B.R. 1. The Fastcase collection includes cases, statutes, regulations, court rules, and constitutions.


HeinOnline provides the full text of more than 1,200 law reviews and journals beginning with volume one. For a list of the law reviews and journals click here. The PDF format means that footnotes appear on the same page as the related text. Tables and illustrations appear exactly as in the print law review. Please click on the Law Journal Quick Reference Guide (PDF - 742kB) for more information. HeinOnline is available in the library on most library computers and available over WiFi to your laptops at

Law Journal Directory

The "Law Journals Directory" lists all the journals and law reviews available in LexisNexis, Westlaw and HeinOnline:

Journals and Law Reviews by Abbreviation (PDF - 452kB)
his worksheet is arranged by the journal abbreviation, and lists the journal or law review in the second column.

Journals and Law Reviews by Title (PDF - 678kB)
This worksheet has the titles in the first column, with the second column containing the abbreviations.

LEXIS Advance

LEXIS Advance provides searching, printing and e-mailing of federal primary law such as federal cases, USCS (United States Code Service), and federal regulations as well as all 50 states' codes and cases. For California, LEXIS supplies Deering's California Code Annotated. Pleading and Practice in full text with forms is now available. LEXIS is available only from desktop computers within the libraries.

NOLO (EBSCO Legal Information Reference Center)

Provides more than 220 online full text legal reference books and thousands of legal forms, the majority from Nolo, the nation's oldest provider of legal information for consumers and small businesses including: California specific books and forms, business law, property and real estate, rights and disputes and much more. These books and forms may be searched, printed and e-mailed both from within the library and outside the library. Laptop access is available to Legal Information Reference Center materials and forms in both libraries via WiFi. Please click on EBSCO Legal Information Reference Center to connect to this database from anywhere. It is also available from the public computers' menu in the Library. For information on how to use the this database click here. (PDF - 340kB)


Provides web access to all of CEB's print materials in such areas as Business Law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Estate Planning, Evidence, Family Law, Real Property, Torts, and Workmen's Compensation. Laptop access is available to CEB's materials and its downloadable forms in Word at via WiFi. OnLAW is available on several public computers in the Library.


Federal and state cases and codes may be verified and new citations found by using this web-based service. Features Lexis access to full text of cases and codes as well as printing and E-mail capabilities from library workstations. The library has replaced all of its hardcopy Shepard's Citations sets with this online Shepard's service which is part of LEXIS Advance.


Westlaw, formerly WestlawNext, includes cases, statutes and regulations for all 50 states and the US federal cases and statutes; American Law Reports, American Jurisprudence and California Jurisprudence legal encyclopedias; California Litigation and Transactions Forms as well as all Rutter Group titles. KeyCite, a citation checking tool, is also available. Many West and Rutter print materials are now available on Westlaw to replace print copies that the library has canceled.

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