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About the Library

The Alameda County Law Library is a public Law Library. Skilled reference librarians are available to help everyone from attorneys looking for ways to best serve their clients to non-lawyers seeking to represent themselves or educate themselves about the legal system. The Alameda County Law Library is a 501(c)(3) organization and a local agency established under (California Business and Professions Code Secs §6300-6365.) Over 90% of its income comes from a portion of civil filing fees. Since 2009, that income has fallen over 40% while the cost of legal materials has increased 60%.

Mission & Vision

The Mission of the Bernard E. Witkin Alameda County Law Library is to help ensure that members of the public, attorney and non-attorney alike, has effective access to justice. To achieve that vision, the Law Library provides access to information required for participating in the legal system, resolving legal disputes, engaging in commerce, completing academic projects, and tending to personal affairs.


Law Library Director: Emily Bergfeld

Board of Trustees: President, the Honorable C. Don Clay; Vice President, the Honorable Stuart Hing; Justin A. Bosl, Esq.; the Honorable Kimberly Colwell; the Honorable Jo-Lynne Lee; Diane Rames and the Honorable Julia Spain

Board of Trustees Meeting and Agenda

None at this time.

Inventory of Enterprise Systems (PDF - 160kb)*

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