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The Public Defender’s Office employs a staff of 18 highly skilled investigators. They support the attorneys in investigating and preparing the cases for negotiation and trial. Their duties include the following:

  • Locate and interview witnesses;
  • Serve subpoenas for documents and records, such as surveillance camera footage, cell phone, text, social media records, relevant medical records and corporate records;
  • Photograph and diagram crime scenes and other locations;
  • Collect and preserve evidence;
  • Serve subpoenas for witnesses at trial and other hearings;

Investigators work under the direction of the Chief Investigator. Each investigator has at least a bachelor’s degree, usually in criminal justice, psychology or sociology. They work for the public defender and they are obligated to maintain the confidential communications between the client and attorney. Our investigators are a critical part of the work of the Public Defender.

If you are interested in working as a Public Defender Investigator, you can contact our office, and ask for the Chief Investigator. You can also contact the Chief Investigator in you are interested in an internship, while you are in college.

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