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Drug Court

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Drug court offers an alternative to jail for defendants charged with certain drug offenses. Unlike most criminal courts, they are run in a collaborative manner, which means that the judge, district attorney, public defender and probation officer all work closely together to assess your needs and develop a treatment plan designed to help you turn your life around.

Over 12-18 months, they will work with you to insure that you reach your goals. Studies have consistently shown that this approach helps people afflicted with substance abuse return to a productive life, while at the same time, reducing the rate of recidivism.

You qualify for drug court if you have a non-violent drug possession offense pending against you. Drug court services are available pre-plea or post-conviction, depending on your criminal history. Each program has its own set of eligibility requirements. Your public defender can tell you which program you qualify for.

Alameda County has two designated drug courts and our office handles hundreds of drug court cases a year. If you qualify for drug court services, your public defender can help you beat your addiction and reclaim your life. If you successfully complete a treatment program, your conviction can be set aside and the charges dismissed.

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