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Public Defender Brendon D. Woods

The Alameda County Public Defender's Office provides the highest quality of indigent criminal defense by vigorously advocating for the rights of individuals facing criminal charges in adult and juvenile court. We have successfully accomplished this through the dedication and hard work of our staff.

Our office employs 40 support staff and 18 investigators devoted to serving our clients. We have 100 lawyers who have attended some of the finest law schools in the nation. They speak more than 12 languages, and come from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds. We have built an exceptional team of trial attorneys who have compiled a remarkable record, consistently reaching successful outcomes in more than 50 percent of their cases.

Our client-centered practice gives a voice to those whose voices have been silenced by poverty. We ensure that no one faces the government alone. We protect the wrongfully accused, the homeless, the poor, the unfortunate and the neglected. We fight for those who cannot afford to fight for themselves and we help them navigate a complex and daunting legal system. By fighting for them, we also protect the constitutional rights of everyone in our community.

Many of our lawyers have dedicated their entire legal career to representing the indigent clients of Alameda County and I am honored to be the Public Defender of one of the finest providers of indigent defense in California.

Brendon D. Woods
Public Defender

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